5 Health Reasons To Smile

April 20, 20210

Douglas Horton once said “Smile, it’s free therapy.” This couldn’t be more true. Not only is a smile free therapy, it has tons of health benefits too! Here are seven healthy reasons to start smiling.

1. Smiling relieves stress and tension

Smiling relaxes any negative thoughts you may have, even if it’s momentary. It also relieves physical tension. After smiling, your muscles can remain relaxed for a long time. The more you smile, the more relief you will feel.

2. Smiling helps protect you from heart attacks.

Smiling increases blood flow, which is good for your heart. Increased blood flow improves blood vessel function, thus preventing heart attacks.

3. Smiling helps strengthen the immune system.

Smiling releases the endorphins that stimulates the immune system cells and antibodies that fight infections.

4. Smiling reduces stress.

Research by the National Institutes of Health has shown that smiling decreases the production of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.

5. Smiling promotes well-being.

Smiling releases neurotransmitters that promote positive feelings, affecting your physical and mental health.

Start smiling

Beautiful, well-maintained teeth help prevent diseases and complications caused by poor hygiene. With healthy teeth you have more reason to smile. If what limits you to smile are your teeth, don’t be discouraged. Solutions are possible.

Contact us at Guru Dentistry of Irvine to discuss your options and let’s plan to get you smiling for better health.

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