What is IV Sedation?

May 6, 20210

IV sedation, also called sleep dentistry, involves the administration of pharmacological agents to help patients cope with their dental fear. For some people, dental anxiety can be debilitating and they avoid visiting the dentist. IV sedation allows the patient to remain in a relaxed state so they can receive their dental treatment.

How does IV sedation work?

Pharmacological agents are administered intravenously (IV) to the patient. During the procedure the patient will be in conscious sedation, not asleep, but in a deep state of relaxation, unbothered by their surroundings. After the procedure is done, the patient will have little or no recollection of what happened.

Throughout the procedure the dentist will make adjustments to the level of sedation to make sure the patient is constantly relaxed and comfortable. The dentist will carefully monitor the vital signs of each patient undergoing sedation. Due to the administration of medication, it is necessary for the sedation dentistry patient to arrange for a ride home.

Only a few dentists that can perform IV sedation!

The administration of conscious sedation requires a extensive training and a specific license by the Dental Board of California. Only a few dentists have this Conscious Sedation Permit. In Irvine, California, Vanila Choudhry D.D.S. is licensed to perform IV Sedation.

If you keep avoiding visits to the dentist because of your fears and anxieties, you now have another option besides suffering through it in order to complete your important dental work. With IV sedation, you can receive your dental procedures with a sense of calm and relaxation. Contact us at our Orange County dental office at (714) 557-7744 and let us help you. Appointments can also be requested online at GuruDentistry.com.

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